Google Adds Quick Insights on Ad Performance and ‘Keyword Themes’ for Ad Targeting

Google’s looking to enhance its simplified Smart Campaigns offering by adding a new way to quickly check on your Google Ads performance, and a new listing of keywords to target, based on your products and services.

First off is the new ad check – Google’s made it easier to check your ad performance in the mobile app, with a simple search on Google itself.

As you can see here, search for ‘Google ads’ or ‘My Ads’ and Google will provide you with a basic overview of how your campaigns are going, while you’ll also be able to see how your ads look to others.

As per Google:

“If you want an efficient way of checking your ad status, this feature is for you. We’ve made our reporting features more accessible – with a quick search, you can instantly see the status of your ads, how they’re performing, and how your ads look to potential customers.” 

The option is being made available to all Smart Campaign advertisers in the coming weeks. 

In addition to this, Google’s also rolling out a new ‘Keyword Themes’ listing, which will highlight relevant search queries to target based on your business.

Google keyword suggestions

“With keyword themes (formerly “products and services”), you tell us what your business offers and we’ll show your ad to potential customers searching for related phrases. This means your ads reach more of the right people and you can save time in the process.”

Advertisers will also be able to modify or remove keyword themes from the list, helping to target your ads. The new option will again be available within Smart Campaigns in the coming weeks. 

Google has announced a range of tools and additions to help businesses as they transition online in order to mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 shutdowns. Smart Campaigns is one of Google’s key offerings on this front, with simplified tools to help more businesses boost their online exposure faster.

Smart Campaigns are less targeted than more in-depth Google ad approaches, but they can be a good way to ensure you’re reaching the right people with your offers, and a good starting point for those looking to learn the process.

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