Google Announces Expanded Launch of its ‘Fundo’ Virtual Events Platform for Creators

With more events going virtual due to restrictions implemented to limit the spread of COVID-19, creators are looking for new options to facilitate online events, and generate income from their efforts.

Facebook has been looking to fill this gap, with the introduction of monetizable live-streams on Instagram, and more recently, its new Facebook Events tools, while LinkedIn has also boosted its virtual event options. And now, Google’s also looking to provide more tools on this front, with an expanded launch of its Fundo virtual events platform, which enables creators to schedule and host a range of event types via simplified organization and promotional tools.

As explained by Google:

Virtual events, especially ticketed experiences, can be complicated. From scheduling to sign-ups, payment processing, communication and live streaming, there’s a lot to manage. Fundo makes it easy by providing a single end-to-end solution. Event hosts and their guests can do everything within the Fundo website, with no apps or additional software downloads required.”

As you can see from the video, Fundo essentially simplifies the event creation and hosting process, providing a range of templated options to help creators monetize their presence.

“Event hosts are in control of ticket prices and any discounts, including free events if preferred. Some creators using YouTube Channel Memberships offer Fundo Meet & Greets exclusively to channel members as a premium perk.”

Within the sign-up flow, users create their Fundo profile, including a personalized URL, and enter their social media profile details, in order to facilitate cross-channel promotion. 

Fundo has been in testing for the last few months, but Google is now opening up the platform to all creators in the U.S. and Canada, with more locations coming soon.

It could be another option to consider for virtual events, though you do need to sign-up with a YouTube profile. It’s not clear, at this stage, what limitations there are on who can sign up, and whether brands are able to participate, but it seems to be open to fairly general use.

As noted, virtual events have clearly become a key option in 2020, but even beyond the current pandemic, the acceleration in virtual event tools, along with broader attendee adoption, will likely see them becoming a bigger part of the events process into the future.

That could make platforms like Fundo a bigger consideration. And while there’s now a range of options to consider, Fundo, with its connection to YouTube, could be a good one to check out.

You can get more info about the Fundo platform, and sign-up for an account, here.

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