Google Announces New Advertiser Insights, ‘Performance Max’ Automated Campaigns

Google has announced the launch of a new set of insights for advertisers which will highlight key search trends within your niche to help you make more informed decisions about targeting and outreach.

As explained by Google:

“We’re introducing the new Insights page in Google Ads to give you custom insights specific to your business. The Insights page will feature a trends section that shows current and emerging search demand for the products or services most relevant to your business.”

As you can see in example above, the new tools will provide insights on search and conversion activity on terms related to your business. 

“For example, an outdoor retailer can quickly take notice of rising demand for tents as consumers gear up for more outdoor adventures. And a vacation rental company might see a growing trend for cabins. Explore these trends to uncover opportunities for categories you already promote in your campaigns – as well as for new, related areas you could tap into.”

That could be extremely valuable information to have, and while it could also lead to more advertisers changing up campaign objectives and targeting too much, reducing ad effectiveness, it may also showcase new opportunities you hadn’t considered, enabling you to capitalize on key shifts.

The trends data will include growth opportunities in search terms, along with related categories, while it will also provide geographic insights to focus your targeting.

Google trends data

In addition to these new insights, Google’s also expanding its automated ‘Performance Max’ campaigns to help marketers tap into machine-learning based insights to optimize campaign performance, while it’s also opening up its video action campaigns on YouTube to all advertisers.

The announcements came as part of Google’s Advertising Week presentation, and will provide new ways for businesses to tap into key usage data and trends to maximize their ad performance. 

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