Google is Launching a New Video Series to Help Businesses Maximize Their Digital Marketing Opportunities

Google is launching a new video series designed to help marketers get a better understanding of key opportunities and trends, and provide updates on relevant Google ad products and tools to maximize reach and response.

As explained by Google:

“In our newest video series, The Update, Google marketing leaders and industry experts will look at what the latest data can reveal about the current climate, what your business needs to know right now, and the best methods and newest products to help you adapt to a new normal.”

With so much disruption around COVID-19, The Update will seek to help marketers make better use of the digital ad tools available, with insights from product experts in analytics, search, Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and more.

The first episode of The Update will launch in early June, and it could be an interesting one to keep an eye on – particularly given the relative complexity of Google’s various marketing options. Search engine optimization, for example, is a lot to get your head around – but getting it right can also be hugely beneficial.

With more businesses looking to maximize their online options, this could be a great educational and informational resource.

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