Google Launches New Overview of Pandemic Trends, Based on Google Search Volume

This is interesting – Google has launched a new overview of what it’s calling ‘lockdown trends‘, a daily overview of the hobbies and interests that saw the biggest increases in search volume over the last year.

As you can see here, the listing provides a day-by-day calendar view on the left, which, when clicked, then gives you info (on the right) as to what hobby or interest saw the biggest increase in search volume on that day.

You can also search by category, highlighting the noted daily interests in specific segments, or you can search by topic in the query field.

Google Lockdown Trends

You can also see what shows up in Google’s search results for each hobby by tapping on the hobby name in the graph, taking you through to the relevant SERP.

It’s an interesting look at what’s been trending over the past year, which could help to provide guidance for your marketing efforts. If, for example, your business sells supplies that can be used on certain hobbies, you can check out which key trends in specific niches have been seeing more interest, which could help to angle your campaigns.

The listings may also help open your mind to new tie-in opportunities, linked into these rising areas of focus. Maybe there are outdoor activities that tie into your business, or at home hobbies that align with certain messaging.

Or it could just be something of generic interest, which may help you frame your thinking around pandemic activities.

Either way, it’s an interesting overview, which may provide some research benefit. 

You can check out Google’s year in lockdown trends tool here.

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