Google Launches New Tools to Assist SMBs as Part of Week Long Initiative

Google has announced a range of new educational resources and tools to help SMBs improve their digital presence as part of what it’s calling International Small Business Week’.

As per Google:

The crisis caused by COVID-19 has made it clearer than ever before that having a digital presence not only enhances your business, but it’s also a key principle for survival. […] To help small businesses stay open and connected with customers despite the obstacles they’re facing, we’ve dubbed this week International Small Business Week. Over the next few days, we’ll share free trainings, tools and resources to help businesses build a stronger digital presence.”

Among its offerings, Google has outlined two digital marketing guidance tools for SMBs, which it’s updated and refreshed for the launch.

The first is Local Opportunity Finder, which Google first launched last October:

As explained by Google:

“[Local Opportunity Finder provides] personalized recommendations on how to improve your free Business Profile on Google. If you’re a local business, your Business Profile helps customers find you online, and you can communicate operating information, like your open hours and whether you offer curbside pickup.”

The tool is fairly straight-forward – you enter your business name and Google will show you recommendations based on the information it has about your business, region, industry, etc. The search box on the main screen will auto-fill with suggested businesses as you enter your company name, but you can also search without an exact match by entering your business category and ZIP code for reference. 

The data is only available for US businesses at this stage.

The second tool Google shares is a new Digital Toolkit, which provides guides on how you can improve your Google business listings based on what type of process you’re running.

As you can see above, the information is separated into four streams. Click/tap on any of these and Google provides a listing of key tips and pointers on how to maximize your Google presence, and expanded digital opportunities.

Google SMB tools

There are some good pointers here, both for people that are new to digital marketing and for experienced digital managers alike. As with most of these types of tools, there are always a few pointers and notes that you hadn’t considered, and with so many Google options available, that’s especially the case with these guides.

If you’re looking to ensure that you’re covering all your bases, and maximizing your opportunities, it’s worth taking a look, and updating your information. And if you’re a digital marketer, it’s worth refreshing your knowledge, especially given the range of updates Google has implemented in recent months.

You can check out the other info sessions and events being run by Google for its International Small Business Week by checking out the Google for Small Business calendar of events, or by following @GoogleSmallBiz on Twitter.

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