Helium HNT hits highs of $7.76 / £5.57, making it a guilt-free investment vs Bitcoin & Ethereum

Sometimes you get things wrong. This was the case with my review of the Helium Network. When I first reviewed it, I was a little sceptical; a new crypto mining low powered WiFI network using lots of buzz words seemed a little sketchy when I first heard about it. I was wrong; we live and learn. To be fair, I still stand by many of the assessments I made in the original Helium review. Altcoins and startups have a high risk of failure, so advising people to expect not to see a return on investment is sensible advice. Researching this post, this warning still stands true, but I am more confident in Helium being successful long term now. I have a few issues with others sites scraping me at the moment this Helium HNT vs Bitcoin & Ethereum was posted on mightygadget.co.uk Where to buy Helium Hotspots / HNT Miners Some shameless affiliate links for you. Pi Supply seems to be the best source for Helium hardware in the UK and further a field. The hotspots are in short supply globally, so you will be waiting a while. Glass Fiber LoRa Antenna Peak Gain (5.8dbi) for £40 Glass Fiber LoRa […]

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