Hootsuite’s Social Media Image Size Guide for 2021 [Infographic]

Visuals are a key element of any successful social media strategy, with the right image or video able to grab attention and stop users as they scroll through their busy feeds.

But in order to ensure you get the best response to your visuals, you have to make sure that your visuals look their best on each platform. That means checking that each element you upload aligns with the right dimensions and other requirements of each individual social network.

Every platform has its own optimal sizes for visual assets, and adhering to these parameters will keep your visual content looking crisp, clear and responsive in each app. But with many different variations, which are always changing, it can be hard to keep up with the right requirements. Which is where this guide from Hootsuite comes in.

Hootsuite recently published its latest social media visual guide, which includes a full overview of the key requirements of each platform. The Hootsuite team has included a lot more detail in its full overview, but you can check out the below infographic for the key notes. 

Hootsuite social media visual size guide

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