How Social Platforms are Responding to the #BlackLivesMatter Protests Across the US

With #BlackLivesMatter protests being held in various cities across the US, in response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, social media platforms have also been adding their support to the cause.

Here’s what we’ve seen from each of the major companies.

First off, Twitter has provided a range of resources and tips to help people get a better understanding of the situation, and the part that they can play in making a change (tap through on this tweet for the full thread).

Twitter has also updated its main profile to reflect its support for the protests.

LinkedIn, meanwhile, has also voiced its support for those calling for change – though its original post which this tweet links to appears to have since been deleted.

YouTube has also added its support, while additionally pledging $1 million in funding to support organizations seeking to address injustice.

TikTok has posted this message of support.

In the broader tech sphere, Apple CEO Tim Cook has voiced his support, and shared his concerns, in an internal memo to employees. In that same memo, Cook pledged to match donations from employees to organizations seeking to address race-based injustice.

As reported by Bloomberg:

“The Apple executive said that the company would be donating to a number of groups, including the Equal Justice Initiative, a non-profit focusing on racial injustice. The iPhone maker will also offer a two-for-one match for employee donations in the month of June.”

At this point, Facebook does not appear to have directly addressed the situation, either via Facebook or Instagram. 

We’ll update this post with more info on social media and tech sector responses as they come in.

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