How to Create Engaging Facebook Videos [Infographic]

As you’ve probably heard, video is the best performing content type on Facebook, consistently outperforming text and image posts by a significant margin.

Through videos, you can provide your audience with a front-row seat to your brand’s story and values, which can make it easier for people to connect and engage.

But even if you do produce video, there’s no guarantee of success. Some videos will perform better than others – but if you factor in the most common notes, you can increase your chances of success, by adhering to some basic rules of creation.

The team from Socialinsider recently conducted a study to determine the most common factors in popular Facebook videos, which they’ve outlined in this infographic (created by Easelly). The notes, based on 10.5 million Facebook videos, cover format, length, description text and more.

Take a look at the full infographic below.

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