How to get doorbell alerts on Amazon Echo devices from Ring and Eufy Doorbells

I am a big fan of both Ring and Eufy smart video doorbells. I have personally used the Ring Doorbell 2, then switched to the Ring Doorbell 3 Plus before jumping ship over to Eufy.

Being able to get doorbell alerts on multiple devices is one of the main selling points for me. I often have multiple deliveries and pickups per day, and before I got Ring, I regularly used to miss the doorbell.

Eufy doesn’t sell separate chimes

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Ring has some superb Chimes, but the battery-free Eufy Doorbell doesn’t come with a chime and Eufy do not sell these yet (the HomeBase acts as a chime).  No idea why, but they should be coming out soon.

It is not a big problem though, both Ring and Ring can send alerts to various Amazon Alexa equipped devices. I don’t personally notice much, if any, difference in performance. As long as you have a decent Wi-Fi connection with your doorbell, then the notifications come through incredible fast.

Amazon Echo Dots are often a better buy than chimes

The all-new Ring Chime will set you back £29 the new spherical Amazon Echo Dot also costs £29.99 (currently discounted). I’d still recommend having one chime with Ring, but in general, you may as well get the more functional Amazon Echo over a chime.

However, I have found that the Echo Dots don’t always immediately get the notification. I am sure when you first set up the doorbells, it tells you what to do, but it is easy to forget about when you add new Echo’s.

How to get Amazon Alexa announcements for Eufy and Ring Doorbells

So if you Amazon Echo is not giving your doorbell notifications, it is a quick and easy fix:

  1. Go to the Amazon Alexa App
  2. Go to devices
  3. Go to cameras
  4. Make sure doorbell press announcements is enabled
  5. Select the Announcement Devices option
  6. Select your announcement devices

If you have had a lot of Alexa enabled devices in the past, it is a bit of a nightmare. FireTV devices get listed, and there is no logical way of me know what is what. It is a complete mess, but this is where you enable the devices (writing this guide made me realise my recent purchase of the Echo Flex was not enabled).

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