How to Use Online Reviews to Market to Different Generations [Infographic]

There’s no denying that reviews now play a key role in the modern consumer path to purchase.

When you’re considering a new product or service, you look for information online, you check out different brands and providers, you note the prices, of course. But you also check out the reviews. And in the age of social media, where everyone can have a say on anything, at anytime, it’s easy than ever to find user responses, and to get a better idea of how people have found a given item in their usage.

As such, all brands need to consider reviews in their marketing approach. So how do you do that? By encouraging reviews and feedback, and facilitating connection to such responses, making it easier for potential customers to make up their mind.

And in this, it also matters how many reviews and ratings you display alongside your products, and that can vary, dependent on your audience. The below report from Website Builder Expert provides an overview of how different generations utilize reviews in their purchase process, and what that means for your marketing.

There are some interesting notes to consider – check out the full infographic listing below.

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