Improve the Performance of Your Website Through Image Optimization [Infographic]

Looking to improve the speed and responsiveness of your website?

Load time is a key consideration in maximizing website performance, with Google factoring it into its search rankings, and users increasingly likely to click away if they have to wait too long. With technology improving, and expectations increasing in-step, the bottom line is that you need to maximize your page speed to see the best results, and a key consideration within this will be your visual elements. 

Indeed, the majority of digital marketing experts note that a page’s visual aspects are the key focus in improving speed. So what can you do, what should you do, and how can you maximize your site performance through image optimization?

This overview from the team at Website Builder Expert will help. The guide covers everything, from usage stats to graphic formats to compression options.

It’s definitely worth consideration – check out the full infographic below.

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