Instagram Adds New Prompts to Help Slow Resurgences of COVID-19

As we approach the new year, and news of approved vaccines is starting to filter through, it feels like we’re reaching the next stage, that the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel is now within view.

But that doesn’t, unfortunately, mean that we’re any safer from the virus – and right now, many regions are seeing resurgences in COVID-19 cases, sparking new lockdowns and other mitigation efforts to keep the pandemic at bay.

The message right now is not to let up, even with the end seemingly in sight.

In line with this, Instagram has today announced that it’s adding some new prompts to ensure that people remain aware, and vigilant, in their COVID-19 avoidance efforts.

As explained by Instagram:

First, in places where cases are surging, people will see a prompt at the top of their Feed, connecting them to health authorities such as the CDC, WHO or their local counterparts. Second, in addition to removing widely debunked claims about the COVID-19 vaccines, when people search for terms related to vaccines or COVID-19, we’ll direct them to information from credible health authorities.”

The new measures add to the various COVID-19 awareness tools that Instagram, and Facebook more broadly, have rolled out during the year. Earlier in the month, Facebook announced that it will be increasing its efforts to detect and remove COVID-19 vaccine misinformation, in order to ensure optimal take-up of the treatment, and get regions back to normal as quickly as possible.

As noted, it does feel like we’re close to turning a corner, and as we say goodbye to 2020, it can also feel like we’re saying goodbye to the pandemic. But we’re not there yet, and as such, it remains critical that we stick with the current health advice and do whatever we all can to stop the spread.

These prompts will help to further underline that ongoing push.

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