Instagram Officially Launches TikTok-Like Remix Option for Reels

After it was recently spotted in testing, Instagram has now officially launched its new Remix option for Reels, which enables Reels creators to add their own take to eligible Reels clips, which can help fuel content trends.

The option is almost exactly the same as TikTok’s ‘Duets’ option, which has proven hugely popular in the app. Given this, it’s little surprise to see Instagram adding the same to Reels, with the tool enabling users to effectively interact with other clips, creating new versions and adding new angles to the original upload.

As explained by Instagram:

Remix is enabled by default for all new reels you publish from a public account. To enable Remix on your older reels, tap the three-dot menu and hit “Enable Remixing”. To remix someone else’s reel, ask them to do the same. You can turn off Remix at any time via Settings, for all reels, or the three dot menu for the individual reel.”

So users will have control over whether they allow remixes of their clips or not, but it will now be switched on for all publicly posted Reels be default. Which could give users a lot more clips to engage with.

When someone does remix your Reel, you’ll get a notification in the app:

Whether the option helps boost Reels engagement will be another question, but thus far, Instagram says that Reels has seen good user response, particularly among users in India, where TikTok was banned in the middle of last year. Given this, even if Reels doesn’t catch on significantly in other regions, it could still be a viable option for Instagram to continue to develop, while additional monetization tools and options could also help IG keep more video creators on its platform, rather than drifting off to TikTok instead.

That’s a big motivation for IG at present. Earlier this week, Business Insider reported that Instagram is also offering TikTok stars new contracts to produce exclusive content on its platform instead. Within this push, Reels may also act as a complementary channel to their broader branding and monetization efforts on the platform, while Instagram’s also exploring how to monetize Reels and share that revenue stream as well.  

From a brand marketing perspective, Remix could also be a consideration for UGC, and sparking relevant trends with your Reels clips. 

If you’re looking to use the new Remix option:

  • Find a great reel
  • Tap the three-dot menu on a reel and select “Remix this Reel”
  • The screen will split into the original reel and your new one — start recording your Remix! Your recording will be side-by-side to the original reel
  • Once recorded, you can control the volume for the original audio, your recorded audio, and add a voiceover. To edit volume controls tap the slider icon up top, to add a voiceover tap the microphone icon up top
  • Edit as you desire, and post your remixed Reel
  • Note: only newly uploaded Reels will have Remix enabled

Remix is available from today on iOS and Android.

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