Instagram Provides Handy Navigation Tips to Streamline Your Usage of the App

This could be a handy reminder, or maybe new information for those not aware of the full functionality of Instagram’s UI.

Today, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has outlined a range of tips on how to use the app’s various navigation shortcuts.

The shortcuts outlined in the video clip are as follows:

  • Tap on the Home icon to go back to the top of your main feed
  • Press and hold on the search icon to begin a keyword search, rather than tapping through to the Explore tab
  • Double-tap on the profile tab to quickly switch between accounts
  • Tap and hold to pause Stories
  • ‘Peeking’ on posts in the Explore tab by pressing and holding on the thumbnail image

These are not new functionalities, but it’s a good reminder of these various shortcut functions, which could both streamline your own usage of Instagram, while also making you look like you’re all across the latest to your friends.

The newest of these functions, as Mosseri notes, is the option to switch accounts by double-tapping on the profile image, which Instagram added late last year. That could be handy for those who regularly post to multiple accounts – which is especially relevant for social media managers.

Just don’t post your personal updates on your brand account. Always check the profile icon before posting.

As noted, the video clip is a handy reminder of some helpful in-app tools, which could be beneficial in your process.

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