Instagram Provides Tips on How Brands Can Utilize UGC [Infographic]

As many experts will attest, user-generated content is one of the best ways to maximize your marketing performance on Instagram, with the more organic, platform-aligned approach often a better fit, both for feed and Stories posts. 

And, of course, the same applies to Reels as well. As with TikTok, part of the appeal of the new short-form video shift is that it enables users to share less polished, slice-of-life type content, which is more about engaging in trends and community than it is about presenting the most optimal version of your life. In this respect, the focus is more on fun than it is on perfection – which, in some ways, is a response to the overly edited contest that social media, over time, has become.

In fact, Instagram’s own business marketing experts recommend utilizing UGC in your approach. On this, Instagram’s business account has posted some new tips on making best use of UGC in your srategy, which is fairly general advice, but is worth noting due to the source.

And interestingly, Instagram suggests that brands should ‘create posts your audience will want to share to their Stories’. Which is a little strange, considering that Instagram stopped some users from doing exactly this back in January, while Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has noted that it’s the one feature that he would get rid of, if he had the choice.

Still, it’s clearly a valuable tactic, at least in some respects, and probably will be till Instagram removes it for good. 

You can check out Instagram’s video post here, which we’re translated into the graphic below.

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