Instagram Releases Summer Edition of its Insider Magazine to Coincide with ‘Creator Week’

This week, Instagram is hosting its first ‘Creator Week‘ showcase event, which will feature a range of Instagram Live sessions with emerging creators, brands, Instagram staff and more, in order to help provide more perspective on what’s happening, what’s coming and how brands can maximize their Instagram presence.

As part of the event, Instagram is also releasing the second edition of its ‘Instagram Insider’ digital magazine, which also features creator interviews and expert tips, working as a companion piece to the live sessions.

Like the first edition, which was released back in April, the 8-page magazine features top creators to follow, trend predictions, and interviews with platform stars.

It also includes an overview of how Instagram recommends people approach building their presence on the platform in a more sustainable and manageable way.

Instagram insider magazine

And in what’s probably the most interesting element for digital marketers, the new issue also has a section on ‘Algorithm Myth-Busting’, providing insights, direct from the source, as to how content is displayed and distributed on the platform. 

Instagram Insider Magazine

Okay, it’s not exactly strategy-defining stuff, but it is interesting info to have, and in addition to the questions and answers provided in the first edition of the magazine, it does help to paint a broader picture of how it all works.

And you may be able to get more insight tomorrow, at this session:

6/8 – 8:45am-9:30am PST – Algorithm Mythbusting

Learn how the algo actually works in this live interview with IG & FBs policy team. Hosted by Refinery 29 Unbothered’s Laurise McMillian.

Could be worth tuning in, and seeing if any major insights are revealed.

All of the Creator Week sessions are being live-streamed on the Instagram Creators account in the app, which will also host recorded sessions after the live events. Instagram will also share daily rundowns of key highlights on the Creators account.

The Summer edition of the Instagram Insider magazine will be made available this week.

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