Instagram Shares New Guide to Combat Bullying and Negative Interactions on the Platform [Infographic]

We’re heading into the holiday season, and with COVID-19 restrictions still in effect, that will mean that a lot of young people will be spending a lot of their time interacting with friends online, and within social apps.

Social media usage is way up in 2020, as people seek to stay connected as best they can, but with that comes the increased risk of exposure to negative elements, along with bullying and abuse that can easily gain momentum and become overwhelming on social networks.

To combat this, Instagram, has launched a new campaign in Egypt to raise awareness of online bullying and the various tools and options available for users to protect themselves from the impacts.

As explained by Instagram:

#ChooseWordsWisely┬áis an appeal to our community to share more consciously, and consider the damage that different forms of online bullying can cause, especially among young people. It also empowers our community in Egypt to stay safe on Instagram by increasing understanding of our rules around bullying and how to use our anti-bullying tools.”

Instagram has added a range of dedicated resources and tools in line with the campaign, while it’s also published this new overview of its user safety tools, which applies to all regions.

You can find out more about the #ChooseWordsWisely campaign, and related tools, here.

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