Instagram Tests New Upload Options in the Desktop Version of the App

This could come in handy for social media marketers, and those looking to centralize their social posting processes.

According to a new finding by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is currently testing a new feed posting option from the desktop version of the app.

As you can see here, the new option would add a “+” icon to the top bar of the desktop version of IG, which, when clicked, would enable users to upload images or videos direct from their PC hard drive. 

Currently, there’s no direct upload option on the desktop version of the app, but Instagram has been building out its PC functionality over time. Last year, it added the capacity to view live-streams from the desktop version of the app

Using this new upload process, as it currently stands, users would have all the regular, in-app options for their feed posts, including image formatting tools and filters.

Instagram desktop

The option is limited to feed posts only at this stage – no Stories or Reels upload tools – but it would add to the functionality of the desktop app, and provide users with more Instagram management options.

In addition to this, user Ahmed Ghanem has also spotted a new direct upload option for IGTV content from user profiles in the desktop version of the app.

Instagram IGTV upload from desktop

Which, if the feed post option is rolled out more broadly, would mean that you will soon be able to upload both feed posts and IGTV content from your PC, which, as noted, could make it easier to manage your social media content from your centralized workspace, as opposed to having to log into the Instagram app to post your specific IG updates.

But then again, you can actually already do this.

Back in 2019, Facebook added Instagram feed and IGTV posting tools to its Creator Studio app, which enables you to upload and schedule IG content from your desktop tools. 

Instagram posting on Creator Studio

Of course, you do have to manage a Facebook Page and/or Instagram business profile to access Creator Studio, but the option to upload feed and IGTV content from desktop has existed there for some time.

Which, if anything, makes it a little surprising that it’s taken Facebook so long to add direct uploads in the web app, but there may be back-end complications or other process considerations within this.

Either way, it looks like soon you’ll have more options to upload Instagram content from your desktop PC, which could provide more capacity to post more polished, edited content created in your dedicated photo and video editing tools.

Which, for businesses, is great. For regular users, maybe not so much. There are already enough heavily edited, unrealistic depictions of humans within the app.

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