Instagram’s Testing New Quick Reply Stickers to Stories

This could be… something.

According to a new finding from InstaLeaks, Instagram is currently testing a new option that would enable users to select from a range of reaction stickers when responding to a Story.

As you can see here, the new response option would provide a range of stickers in four different categories, providing a fresh take on the Reactions process.

Quick, emoji reactions are now available on most platforms, providing an easy way for users, particularly those on mobile devices, to share a response to an update, without having to write out a full sentence.

Up till now, direct Reactions sets have indeed been limited emoji characters, but this new format could add another angle, and expand on your options to express yourself in response to a Story.

There’s no official word from Instagram on the test, and it may not ever see an actual release. But it seems like an interesting concept, which may well be worth investigating. And it could also open up new opportunities for sponsored stickers, movie-campaign tie-ins, promoted reactions and more.

We’ll keep you updated on any progress. 

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