Latest LinkedIn Hiring Data Shows Signs of Recovery in Several Regions

Some good news heading into the weekend – LinkedIn’s latest data on job postings shows signs of recovery in several regions, as businesses work to get back to a level of normalcy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

As you can see here, China’s job data is now trending upwards, which could be a positive indicator for other markets. France and Singapore are seeing the sharpest recoveries, while job postings in Australia, the US, the UK and Italy are also steadily inching north.

It’s impossible to get a guage on the full impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in an economic sense, because, for one, we’re still living through it, and the shut down of international travel alone will have major, long-term effects. And that leads into the second point – no matter what we’re seeing now, we won’t know the full extent of the impacts for some time, because it’ll take a period of adjustment to see where businesses are placed, and what longer-term trends emerge.

But right now, given the flood of negative news stories to confront, this seems like a positive – a slight glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

LinkedIn also notes that many professionals are looking to upskill during the pandemic – while additionally, a positive note for social media advisors and trainers:

We’ll need widespread reskilling for people who’ve lost jobs and need to acquire digital literacy skills like social media and basic web design; communication and teamwork to navigate a virtual workplace; and soft skills like how to give feedback and overcoming bias.”

We’re living in an unprecedented situation, and we’re all doing the best we can to deal with the various impacts and related uncertainties. But maybe, things are now on the road to recovery.  

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