Levi’s Uses Pinterest’s Advanced Style Matching to Create Customized, Branded Boards

With Pinterest usage on the rise, and its visual data-matching processes evolving, that provides some interesting new considerations for how brands can work with the platform to maximize their exposure and connection.

This week, Pinterest has showcased one specific partnership of this type, with Levi’s utilizing Pinterest’s style-matching capabilities to help users find more products aligned to their tastes.

As you can see from the video, users are now able to head to ‘Styled by Levi’s’ and take a quick, visual quiz – choosing the images of models that best suit their style – which then generates a custom Pinterest board of shoppable Levi’s Pins, aligned with their chosen look.

As noted, the process utilizes Pinterest’s evolving visual discovery tools, which Pinterest also uses to power its ‘Shop the Look’ and personalized recommendation options. The processes use image recognition to identify specific products in a frame, then provide visually similar matches.

It’s also aligned with the ‘More from’ a specific brand option that Pinterest rolled out last year, which incidentally, also featured Levi’s as a partner example.

The integrated process shows how Pinterest is looking to expand its brand promotion offerings, and utilize its visual identification tools to highlight related products, which can be particularly beneficial to larger brands like Levi’s which have a lot of aligned products to offer. If someone’s looking to purchase one product from a brand, they’ll likely buy another, especially if it’s complimentary, and this process is a good way to showcase such.

The ‘Styled by Levi’s’ integration is a highly customized offering, it’s not an option that would be available to all brands. But it does showcase another area of potential for Pinterest.

And with shopping engagement on Pinterest increasing 44% year over year, and 335 million active users on the platform, it’s worthy of consideration.

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