LinkedIn Announces ‘LinkedIn Learning Hub’ to Provide More Comprehensive Skills Development Pathways

With economic activity set to ramp up significantly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and new work practices and processes, accelerated by the pandemic mitigation efforts, likely to influence career progression, in various ways, LinkedIn has announced that it will soon launch a new LinkedIn Learning Hub to provide more comprehensive overview, for both individuals and businesses, of potential training opportunities and career progression.

Set for a full launch in the second half of the year, LinkedIn’s new Learning Hub is currently in beta testing, but will eventually incorporate LinkedIn’s full data projection, guidance and learning capacity to help highlight relevant skills path and career opportunities.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“Learning Hub has all of the capabilities of a traditional LXP, aggregating all of a company’s learning resources, but it’s so much more. It draws on data and insights from our Skills Graph, the world’s most comprehensive skills taxonomy with 36K+ skills, 24M+ job postings, and the largest professional network of 740M+ members, empowering customers with richer skill development insights, personalized content, and community-based learning.”

The new Learning Hub will be focused on three key elements to help maximize opportunities:

  • Personalized content recommendations, based on your LinkedIn profile and related job listings, helping users and businesses identify key industry trends and opportunities to maximize growth
  • Community-based learning to help users find relevant mentors and network connections, along with internal experts and peers, who can help them build their career prospects and keep moving in the right direction 
  • Skills development insights based on LinkedIn data, using the platform’s job listings and usage trends to highlight areas of increasing interest and demand, shining a light on emerging pathways and opportunities, and the specific elements required to take the next steps

LinkedIn has been working on various, similar tools, in different forms, over the past few years – an approach that it’s ramped up more recently, in light of the impacts of the pandemic.

For example, last October, LinkedIn added a new tool called LinkedIn Career Explorer which highlights potential career paths for users based on the skills that they have, in order to expand employment opportunities. LinkedIn also added skill assessments last September, which enables users to take on-platform tests, via LinkedIn Learning, in order to demonstrate relevant professional capacity in various elements.

Most recently, LinkedIn also launched a new process called ‘Skills Path‘, which enables employers to add additional tests to job listings, in order to help more candidates display their suitability for a given role.

LinkedIn Skills Path

The new Learning Hub aligns with this, providing more ways for users to both identify potential job matches, and undertake relevant courses to help maximize their opportunities.

It’s a good initiative from LinkedIn, which, as noted, will clearly be needed in the next stage of economic recovery. Any way you look at it, the world we’re entering into post-COVID is a lot different from the pre-pandemic situation, with significant advanced in business activity, eCommerce, digital connection and more set to re-define many career paths.

And that’s before you consider the longer term impacts on travel and hospitality, which will still be impacted for some time, causing significant re-assessments of career paths and migrations in people’s work lives.

The changes will be significant, and tools like this will help people better prepare for, and align with such to maximize their potential, in various ways.

The Learning Hub is set for a full launch later in the year.

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