LinkedIn Announces New Initiatives to Support COVID-19 Recovery Efforts

As vaccine programs get underway across the world, LinkedIn has announced a range of new initiatives to support health organizations in maximizing their vaccine distribution efforts, while it’s also looking to assist disadvantaged workers in the UK as they look to get back on their feet.

First off, on vaccination efforts – LinkedIn is now offering free job listings to healthcare organizations, pharmacies and governments which have hiring needs in direct support of vaccine distribution.

“[Relevant organizations] can post jobs for free on LinkedIn through May 15, 2021. These jobs include registered nurses, medical assistants and pharmacy technicians, among others.”

LinkedIn provided similar back in April, with free job listings for all essential services, as it sought to provide assistance amid the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. This new extension will help to ramp up vaccine roll-outs, catering to increased need for assistance in getting the billions of doses out to the public – and ultimately, getting us all back to normal life.

In addition to this, LinkedIn is also offering free ads to nonprofit organizations that are recruiting volunteers for the vaccine effort. 

“We’re offering free ads to select nonprofits and disaster response organizations that are recruiting at least one thousand volunteers to help distribute COVID-19 vaccines through June 30, 2021, including the California Volunteers, Office of the Governor and Team Rubicon. We’re also providing free ads to organizations that will disseminate critical information on COVID-19 vaccines such as the UN Verified Initiative and The Ad Council.”

This is a good way for LinkedIn to provide assistance within the pandemic, while also further cementing its platform as a key connector for open positions. 

On another front, LinkedIn’s UK arm has announced a new program that will assist Big Issue vendors with training and advice to help get them back on track.

As reported by Campaign:

“The campaign, created by FCB Inferno, will use LinkedIn’s network to offer support, such as training, skills development or new job opportunities, to The Big Issue vendors. The partnership will give the participants access to a professional platform and aim to help them increase their sales amid the COVID crisis.”

The Big Issue provides people from disadvantaged backgrounds with an opportunity to generate income by enabling them to purchase copies of the magazine to then on-sell to the public at 100% mark-up. That provides a sustainable, independent employment for many homeless and disabled vendors – but with the pandemic virtually shutting down most cities, they too have been significantly impacted by the crisis. 

It’s good to see LinkedIn taking on these civic initiatives, and looking to use its powerful recruitment and training tools for such causes. And as the economy starts to slowly re-open, you can imagine that LinkedIn will stand to benefit from increased recruitment action and career activity. 

So while these are definitely charitable and worthy causes in themselves, there are also flow-on benefits for the platform.   

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