LinkedIn Case Study: How Thoughtworks Used LinkedIn to Promote its Content Efforts [Infographic]

LinkedIn has seen a steady increase in content engagement over the past few years, and with that, it’s also sought to lean into evolving user behaviors by adding new options like improved Lead Gen ads and content analytics,¬†designed to provide more insight into key trends and shifts, and help marketers make the most of their on-platform efforts.

And those tools can have a big impact, as reflected in this case study, which LinkedIn has outlined in a new infographic.

As explained by LinkedIn: 

“Thoughtworks launched Perspectives, a digital publication designed to deliver practical, actionable advice to senior executives. In order to build its readership and subscriber base, the company needed to find a way to stand out in an already cluttered content landscape.”

The case study provides some interesting insights into how you can use LinkedIn’s various tools to promote your content, and boost awareness in the app. And while this example has been hand-picked by LinkedIn, the points are still worth noting, and considering in your own approach.

Check out the infographic below. 

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