LinkedIn is Considering New Reactions to Express More Responses During COVID-19

This could be nothing. But then again…

Yesterday, LinkedIn user Omar Abedin posed a question to CEO Jeff Weiner about the suitability of LinkedIn’s Reactions quick response options considering the current situation.

As you can see, Weiner agreed with the criticism, and has referred the query to LinkedIn’s Product Management team. Which could mean we’ll soon see new types of LinkedIn Reactions more aligned to the latest news.

LinkedIn launched its Reactions last August, with five different emoji responses to choose from, enabling you to quickly share how you feel about each post and update.

LinkedIn Reactions

But, as Abedin notes, none of those really fits on COVID-19 stories, which currently dominate LinkedIn’s feed. As such, LinkedIn could look to add in a new Reaction type, which is what Facebook did with its ‘Care’ Reaction, which it launched last month.

Facebook Care Reaction

Maybe, given the usage of Reactions, it makes sense for LinkedIn to add more options in this respect – and given that LinkedIn only has five Reactions currently, it has room to add in more without causing much impact.

So, you could see more Reaction types coming to LinkedIn. How popular Reactions have been on LinkedIn thus far, we don’t know, but another option could be beneficial.

Or it could be nothing. We’ll keep you updated on any developments.   

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