LinkedIn Launches New ‘Support’ Reaction, New Tools to Provide Assistance for Job Seekers

LinkedIn has officially launched its new ‘Support’ reaction to provide another quick response option for users amid COVID-19, while it’s also adding some new features to help people provide support, and look for new roles, amid the shifting economic situation caused by the pandemic.

First off, on the ‘Support’ reaction – last month, we reported how LinkedIn user Omar Abedin posed a question to then LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner about the suitability of LinkedIn’s Reaction options, considering the current environment. 

As you can see, Weiner agreed – and now, just over a month later, LinkedIn has indeed launched its ‘Support’ quick response option.

LinkedIn Support Reaction

The emoji-response option will provide another way to engage with LinkedIn posts, particularly, as noted, those relating to COVID-19, for which a ‘Like’ or ‘Curious’ response doesn’t really fit.

It’s pretty much the same approach that Facebook has taken in introducing its ‘Care’ Reaction, responding to user need to be able to express themselves beyond the existing set. The change also underlines the popularity of Reactions as a response tool (LinkedIn wouldn’t bother allocating resources if no one was using them), which is why we’ve seen similar quick response options popping up on several other social platforms as well.

Reactions are becoming habitual, and as people become increasingly accustomed to such on popular networks, others, logically, look to add similar to align with evolving usage trends.

In addition to this, LinkedIn is also adding some new display options for both job seekers and professionals looking to lend a hand, where possible.

For job seekers, LinkedIn has added a new “Open-To Work feature, which will enable users to display that they’re available for offers and opportunities.

LinkedIn Open to Work

As you can see, the new option adds an ‘Open to Work’ photo frame to your profile image, which can help to make your profile stand out in searches and in feeds.

“When you turn on the optional feature, a #OpenToWork photo frame is added to your profile picture so anyone who sees your profile, will know you are open to new opportunities – and can help connect you to them. This will include, for example, when your profile comes up in a search or when you comment on a post.”

To add an ‘Open to Work’ frame:

  • Go to your profile and under your picture click: “Show recruiters you’re open to work”
  • Fill in your job preferences such as location and job type
  • Click the “choose who sees that you’re open” to select if you want to keep this to recruiters, or if you want to add a badge to your profile that everyone can see

LinkedIn has also added a new “Offer Help” option on posts, to enable members to share with their networks that they’re open to providing assistance.

LinkedIn Offer Help button

As displayed in this sequence (on desktop), when you click on the ‘Offer Help’ button in the post composer, you’re then given a list of options to choose from as to how you’re looking to provide assistance. Then, within your post, a hashflag emoji is added to the #OfferingHelp tag, which will help to make your post stand out in the feed.

The tools add to LinkedIn’s existing toolset, providing new ways to connect with those within your networks and engage within the LinkedIn feed.

And more people are doing just that – as noted by LinkedIn’s Srividya Gopani in a recent interview with Social Samosa, LinkedIn has seen a 55% increase in conversations among connections since March 2019, while there’s also been a 60% year-over-year increase in content creation on the platform.

With more people looking for opportunities, and/or to change careers in light of the pandemic, you can expect that engagement to continue to grow, which could make these new tools even more valuable.

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