LinkedIn Provides New Insights into the Most In-Demand Marketing Skills [Infographic]

Good news for Social Media Today readers – digital marketing and social media skills are in high demand.

That’s according to the latest insights from LinkedIn, which has published the second part of its latest overview of the evolving marketing sector, and the key roles and skills that are in-demand, based on job postings on its platform.

I mean, in some ways, it’s not surprising that the jobs posted on LinkedIn specifically would have a higher preference for digital skills, and this is not wholly reflective of overall workplace trends. But again, based on the open positions and advertisements placed on its platform, within the marketing space, these are the areas where demand is high, and where LinkedIn suggests that marketers should be looking to upskill.

Among the key trends listed are ‘Instagram’, ‘Content Marketing’ and ‘Facebook Marketing’. So, you know, sign-up for our newsletter and you should be pretty well covered.

Check out the full infographic from LinkedIn below.

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