LinkedIn Provides New Tips on Establishing an Effective Approach to Thought Leadership Content [Infographic]

LinkedIn has published a new guide to establishing a more effective approach to thought leadership as a means to increase influence and build brand relationships.

The new overview, which LinkedIn calls its Flywheel of B2B Thought Leadership, was developed in conjunction with Edelman, and aims to provide a clear explanation of how a defined thought leadership content process can be of strategic benefit.

As explained by LinkedIn:

Business leaders are navigating tremendous uncertainty. Those organizations that provide real help and support with their content are poised to make a memorable impression. But “thought leadership” can feel like an ambiguous term. What constitutes quality thought leadership? And how can B2B marketers gain awareness and influence with those most senior decision makers and executives?”

LinkedIn has provided a more in-depth breakdown of each step in its Flywheel of B2B Thought Leadership process here, but the below infographic provides an essential summary of the key steps in the chain.

Some good notes for your content strategy. 

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