LinkedIn Provides New Tips on How to Create Engaging B2B Content [Infographic]

LinkedIn has published a new, 17-page pocket guide on effective B2B creative, which highlights some of the key elements to consider when putting together your campaigns, in order to create ‘thumb-stopping’ moments.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“The ‘thumb stopper’¬†refers to a piece of content on the feed so eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and intriguing that it causes a user to stop scrolling and take notice. There’s no surefire formula for creating thumb-stopping content.¬†Powerful creative is what makes the magic happen, and it can only come from talented marketers and creators possessing a keen understanding of their audiences.”

Audience understanding is always the key, and you do need to have a good handle on your analytics, research points and competitor data to create the most effective, stand-out campaigns. But the tips here will also help – as noted, LinkedIn’s full 17-page guide is available for download here, but we’ve extrapolated the key points into the below infographic.

The full guide is definitely worth a look.

LinkedIn B2B creative guide

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