LinkedIn Provides New Worksheets to Help Map Out Your On-Platform Ad Campaigns

Amid the gradual economic recovery, as we move beyond the pandemic, LinkedIn is likely to see a lot more activity, as people seek new opportunities and connections to help boost their professional careers.

That will also mean more opportunity for marketers to connect with a wider pool of users – and this week, LinkedIn has provided some new tips and guides on how to map out effective on-platform marketing campaigns, which could help in your LinkedIn ad efforts.

In its new, 38-page ‘Better LinkedIn Campaign Planning’ guide, LinkedIn provides a range of notes and worksheets to help guide your planning process.

The guide is designed to essentially walk you through each stage of each type of LinkedIn ad campaign, beginning with an overview of key objectives for each:

LinkedIn then includes more specific overviews for each campaign type, outlining the key elements and including links to relevant resources:

LinkedIn planning overview

While the final element is a planning worksheet for each campaign type, which you can fill in with your info:

LinkedIn planning guide

The guide includes each of these elements for all ten types of LinkedIn ad campaigns, including Message Ads, Spotlight Ads and Lead Gen Forms.

It’s a handy overview to have – and as noted, with more people turning to LinkedIn than ever, it may well be worth considering the potential of the platform for your marketing efforts, and checking out these notes and guides to see how they might fit into your approach.

In fact, even if you’re not going to use LinkedIn ads specifically, the worksheets here could still be valuable, mapping out the details of each campaign into each key element.

It’s a simple, handy guide either way, well worth a look.

You can download LinkedIn’s Better Campaign Planning guide here.

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