LinkedIn Publishes New Guide to Account Based Marketing

LinkedIn has published a new guide to account-based marketing, and how businesses can utilize LinkedIn in the various stages and processes of their ABM approach. 

As explained by LinkedIn:

With a growing community of B2B marketers choosing LinkedIn as the foundation of their ABM strategy, we’ve witnessed, first-hand, some of the common roadblocks they face. To help more marketers reap the benefits of ABM, we’ve developed a framework for success and we’d like to walk you through it.”

The 33-page guide is a complete overview of how to implement an ABM plan, with a step-by-step overview of the process.

The ABM approach aims to get marketing and sales departments working together, and this guide looks to foster that relationship, and maximize results.

For each element, LinkedIn includes a full overview of the process and steps required.

LinkedIn ABM overview

While it also outlines the role LinkedIn’s tools can play in each step.

LinkedIn ABM overview

There are some helpful notes here, and good tips on how LinkedIn’s tools can assist in optimizing your ABM approach. And even if you’re not looking to utilize the ABM framework, if you want to get a better understanding of LinkedIn marketing, and how to make best use of LinkedIn ads, the pointers and tips here will also be beneficial.

You can download the new LinkedIn ABM guide for free here.

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