LinkedIn Publishes New Guide to Key Content Trends Amid COVID-19

LinkedIn has published a new guide to key content trends during COVID-19, which includes a range of tips on how to maximize connection with your audience, and examples of how brands are responding to the crisis.

There are some handy, helpful insights and notes in the 22-page guide. Here’s an overview of some of the key points.

First off, LinkedIn notes that content engagement on its platform around the topic of COVID-19 has seen a massive rise in recent months.

In general, LinkedIn was already seeing steady growth in overall user engagement, quarter-on-quarter, but as with all online platforms, usage has gone through the roof during the coronavirus lockdowns, and the engagement with COVID-19 content, specifically, would suggest that business leaders are looking for answers, and to better understand what’s happening, and how they should respond to the pandemic.

That shift is also clearly evident in the top hashtag listings for each month of 2020.

LinkedIn COVID-19 content guide

So how do businesses respond – given the increases in COVID-19 related engagement, what should brands be looking to post to help maintain, and even grow connection with their audiences at this time?

LinkedIn outlines three key areas of focus for your on-platform content efforts:

LinkedIn COVID-19 trends

For each of these key elements, LinkedIn provides overviews of what, specifically, they mean for your content efforts, and how LinkedIn can facilitate such, including various examples from real brands.

LinkedIn COVID-19 engagement report

The full report is definitely worth a read, as it outlines key opportunities for businesses within the current environment, and the ways in which brands should be looking to direct their outward communications in line with the expectations and needs of the LinkedIn community.

And there may well be some elements you hadn’t considered, or haven’t been catering for on the platform. 

You can download the full “Content ideas for today’s evolving world of work” guide here, or check out more tips from LinkedIn in this post.

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