LinkedIn Publishes Special ‘Top Voices’ Listing of Health Professionals Leading the Way on COVID-19

LinkedIn has announced a special edition of its ‘Top Voices’ listings, this time focused highlighting the health experts who are sharing their knowledge and experiences amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

As explained by LinkedIn Editor in Chief Daniel Roth:

Each year, our Top Voices list surfaces the professionals whose posts, videos, articles and comments spark quality conversations in their industries. This special edition list features the health care experts that are lighting up LinkedIn right now to cover COVID-19 – sharing what they’ re seeing, what’s coming next and offering insights on what all of us can and must do.”

The list has also been released to coincide with the World Health Organization’s World Health Day, and seeks to both pay credit to, and promote, the people who are seeking to help the public better understand what’s happening in response to the global pandemic.

The 12 experts selected come from a diverse range of medical fields.

It’s a good way to pay tribute to those working on the front lines of one of the most significant crises in history, while also helping LinkedIn users connect to relevant voices to follow for updates on the latest coronavirus news and advancements.

You can find out more about LinkedIn’s Top Voices for Health here, or follow the #LinkedInTopVoices hashtag on the platform to stay in touch with the conversation.

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