LinkedIn Shares Listing of its Most Influential Users in 2020

LinkedIn has published its annual Top Voices listing, which looks at the LinkedIn members that generated the most engagement and interaction with their posts on the platform throughout the year.

No, we’re not talking about the LinkedIn L.I.O.N.s here, nor are we highlighting those posting ‘double-tap for a surprise’ posts, or stories about how they gave the job to the unlikely candidate who ended up being the best hire ever. No, LinkedIn’s Top Voices are based on specific criteria around engagement in the app – namely:

  • Engagement generated on posts, including reactions, comments and shares across each member’s content)
  • Posting cadence – i.e. how much and how often they’re posting to LinkedIn
  • Follower growth over time

But, LinkedIn says:

“…engagement is just a start. LinkedIn News editors then refine and curate the list by looking at an eligible member’s body of work: Are the contributions insightful, conversational and timely? Do they seek to give and get help vs. being self-promotional? Finally, does this list reflect the world we work and live in today?”

So there are a few qualifiers on top of the raw engagement stats also, in order to weed out those who simply fish for likes.

From this, LinkedIn had provided a range of listings for its Top Voices of 2020. The main listing, however, is ‘Global Influencers’ – the big names sparking conversation on the platform:

No surprises there, with Virgin chief Richard Branson leading the pack, with close to 18 million total followers in the app.

But likely of more specific value here are the industry influencers – LinkedIn has also shared Top Voices listings for:

  • Data Science and AI
  • Design
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business
  • Equity in the Workplace
  • Finance and Economy
  • Frontline Health Care
  • Frontline Retail
  • Job Search and Careers
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Sales
  • Sports
  • Technology
LinkedIn Top Voices

If you want to know how you can build your presence on LinkedIn, which can benefit your personal brand, and your business, the people listed in these categories provide guidance as to what LinkedIn members are engaging with, and looking to see on the platform within each segment.

LinkedIn gone even further, with Top Voices listings by region as well. 

There’s a heap to take in, and dig into beyond the main list. And it could provide you with the guidance you need to boost your professional profile in 2021.

You can check out all of LinkedIn Top Voices for 2020 from this overview post.

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