LinkedIn Shares New Insights on How to Target Gamers with LinkedIn Campaigns [Infographic]

When you think about gaming and how to connect with the gaming audience online, you likely think of Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, with Twitter and Snapchat also considerations.

But what about LinkedIn? 

Surely not, right? LinkedIn, the professional social network, where people go to share news about their promotions, their business deals, and their ever so slightly exaggerated stories about how one time they gave the worst candidate a chance, and it turned out to be the best decision ever.   

That LinkedIn? For gaming content?

That’s the pitch LinkedIn’s putting forward with its latest research report – according to LinkedIn, 55 million of its active members in the US are also gamers, while engagement with gaming content among LinkedIn members increased 37%, year-on-year in the first-half of 2020.

It feels like it shouldn’t be a match, but gaming is increasingly becoming a key connector in all online trends, and as more younger people become professionals, gaming will undoubtedly play a more significant role.

Still have doubts? Check out this new infographic from LinkedIn, which looks at the evolving gaming discussion, and how brands can connect with gamers on the platform. 

LinkedIn gaming research

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