LinkedIn Unlocks LinkedIn Learning Courses for Women to Mark International Women’s Day

While advances have been made in addressing gender imbalance in the workforce, significant shortfalls still remain, particularly when it comes to racial representation.

As noted by LinkedIn:

“The 2020 Association of National Advertisers report report shows that though women, overall, continue to make great strides in achieving parity in senior leadership – 52% of CMOs are now women – there remains significant work to do when it comes to attaining racial equity. For the first time last year, the ANA’s report provided intersectionality data – the overlap of gender and ethnicity – and found that female CMOs and equivalents are overwhelmingly White.”

In an effort to address at least part of this problem, and also provide more opportunity for women more generally, LinkedIn has today made five popular LinkedIn Learning courses for women available for free for a limited time.

The courses provide lessons in business leadership, planning for family leave, and strategies to help women advance their professional careers.

LinkedIn’s also made its course on ‘Becoming a Male Ally at Work’ available for free to help men get a better understanding of gender stereotypes, and the role that they can play in assisting women to maximize their potential.

As noted by LinkedIn:

The biases and barriers holding back women from their fair share of marketing leadership positions are sturdily entrenched, but not unbreakable.”

By providing more education on such, LinkedIn’s hoping to play a small role in advancing these discussions, and expanding opportunity to all women as a result.

You can learn more about these free LinkedIn Learning courses here

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