LinkedIn’s Developing a New Program to Support Content Creators on the Platform

LinkedIn has launched the first stages of a new plan to develop a support framework for content creators on the platform, which will ultimately lead to new advertising and promotional opportunities through the app’s most influential users.

Last week, LinkedIn’s Editor in Chief Dan Roth posted a new job ad for a Head of Community, focused on supporting LinkedIn creators around the world.

As explained by Roth:

“Creators are the lifeblood of LinkedIn. People who share their voice with the goal of building up the community – whether that’s by creating original posts, stories, videos, articles, etc.; amplifying new people to follow; sharing news and links and explaining why they’re worth your time; etc. – help us all see what’s possible and what’s coming.”

LinkedIn additionally notes that it’s seen major growth in conversations happening on its platform, with content shared up 50% year-over-year in 2020.

The new role will be focused on facilitating further growth for creators, which will ultimately mean increasing the incentives for users to post, and keep posting, their updates. That, eventually, will likely lead to new ad opportunities in LinkedIn’s video products, and within LinkedIn Stories, enabling LinkedIn to establish revenue sharing eco-system.

It also, potentially, points to the establishment of a creator marketplace, which would enable brands to find relevant platform influencers to partner with for their LinkedIn campaigns.

That could open up a range of new promotional opportunities, both for those looking to maximize their personal LinkedIn efforts, and for brands looking to maximize their reach and resonance.

For individuals, if you’ve been working to build your personal brand on the platform, LinkedIn could soon offer you new ways to glean more benefit from such, even monetary incentives, which could help to further build your professional profile and industry standing.

For brands, aside from the possibility of video and Stories ads, it could mean that you’ll no longer need to rely on your internal experts building their own profiles on the platform, as you may soon be able to more easily partner with relevant influencers within your niche, utilizing their established presence and expertise to expand your promotions.  

There’s a range of potential implications here, but right now, the program is only in its initial stages, and we don’t have a lot to go on, in terms of definitive direction.

But it’s definitely something to watch, especially if LinkedIn is a key platform of focus for your branding and marketing efforts.

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments.

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