Mediatek Dimensity 720 / 600 vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 vs Kirin 820 vs Exynos 880 Specification Compared – 5G is getting cheap

At the end of last week, I revealed the new Mediatek Dimensity 720 chipset, which showed up on the Mediatek website briefly. No information was revealed about it at the time, and they have since taken the logo down.

Other news sources are reporting the Mediatek Dimensity 600 will launch any day now. It is possible that one of both will launch. The Dimensity 720 image may have been a placeholder or just an error in general, but I am inclined to say that it is the Mediatek Dimensity 720 that will launch this month.

There is still nothing particularly new to report, but I thought I would put together my thoughts of how this may be positioned within the market.

What we know so far

Mediatek Dimensity 720 vs
Mediatek Dimensity 720 was previously on the Mediatek 5G page

Pretty much nothing, apart from that it is a new more affordable 5G chipset compared to the already affordable Mediatek Dimensity 800.

Currently, all other websites have reported the chipset as being Dimensity 600, though this seems to largely stem from a report posted on Chinese website,

All that they claim is that Mediatek have received large numbers of orders from multiple vendors.

Announcement Date

No official date has been given, but MediaTek did have the graphics up on their website already, and reports say sometime soon, so I would expect before the end of July.

Specification (currently speculation)

Mediatek has a tendency to reuse chipset designs, for better or worse. Sometimes this involves tiny frequency changes and seems like a marketing gimmick. Others, like the Dimensity 820, offer a significant upgrade that justifies the launch of a new chipset.

I have speculated previously that this is highly likely to be a cut down version of the Dimensity 800.

However, the naming convention may suggest that it is more than just a small step down compared to how the Dimensity 800 and 820 compare.

It is unlikely they will reuse any other silicon, because their 5G chipsets use an integrated modem, so it may not be feasible for them to make something similar to the Helio G90 into a 5G chipset.

However, it is possible Mediatek will make some new silicon. Qualcomm has only just announced the Snapdragon 690. Then the Hisilicon 820 is a highly competitive mid range 5G chipset, offering superior performance to the SD765G. Finally Samsung announced their Exynos 880 recently too.


We have no idea about the spec yet, I still think it will be based on the Dimensity 800 design, but it is likely being positioned against the Qualcomm Snapdragon 690, so they could develop a brand new chipset adopting a similar design.

The Dimensity 800 chipsets use four Cortex A76 cores and four Cortex A55 cores with everything running at 2.0GHz. This gives the Dimensity 800 a spec similar a flagship chipset from last year.

All the other competing brands use a 2×6 design so it would seem logical Mediatek may use this. Both Qualcomm and Samsung use the newest Arm Cortex-A77 cores on their CPUs so it is possible Mediatek will do the same.


The GPU is harder to predict. The Mediatek Dimensity 800 uses the Arm Mali-G57 MC4 with the 820 bumping it up to 5 cores.

 Qualcomm uses the Adreno 619L.

The Hisilicon Kirin 820 5G also uses a Arm Mali G57 but this has 6-cores.

Then the Samsung has the older, but higher up Mali G76 with 5-cores.

I im inclined to guess they will stick with the Arm Mali-G57 but reduce its performance some way.

Price Point

I don’t think there is any phone that has launched in the UK or EU with the Dimensity 800 yet. However, prices range from around £215 for the Honor X10 Max (in China) to around £300 for the OPPO A92s 5G.

The Redmi 10X with the MediaTek Dimensity 820 is available from around £200 too.

No phones have launched with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 yet either

The Vivo Y70s is the first with the Exynos 880 which is available on AliExpress for a bit less than $300

Benchmarks – Antutu & Geekbench

At the moment we have no idea of the specification, let along benchmarks.

The Redmi 10X managed to achieve over 400k in Antut, which is close to what many flagship phones achieved last year.

Specification Comparison Table

  Mediatek Dimensity
720 / 600
Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 Mediatek Dimensity 800 Kirin 820 5G Exynos 880
Manufacturing Process 7nm 8nm LPP 7nm TSMC 7nm 8nm LPP
CPU 4x Cortex-A76 @ ?
4x Cortex-A55 @ ?


2x Cortex-A77 @ 2.0GHz (ish)
6x Cortex-A55 @ ?

2x Cortex-A77 @ 2.0GHz
6x Cortex-A55 @ 1.7GHz
(Kryo 560)
4x Cortex A76 @ 2.6GHz
4x Cortex A55 @ 2.0GHz
1x Cortex-A76 @ 2.36GHz
1x Cortex-A76 @ 2.22GHz
6x Cortex-A55 @ 1.85GHz
2x Cortex-A77 @ 2.2GHz
6x Cortex-A55 @ 1.8GHz
GPU Mali-G77 GPU Adreno 619L Arm Mali-G57 MC4 Arm Mali G-57 MP6 Mali G76 MP5
RAM LPDDR4x 2133MHz LPDDR4X 1866MHz LPDDR4x 2133MHz LPDDR4x 2133MHz LPDDR4x 2133MHz
Modem Mediatek M70 Snapdragon X51 5G NR Sub-6 (no mmWave)
DL = 1200 Mbps
UL = 210 Mbps
DL = 2500 Mbps
UL = 1200 Mbps
Mediatek M70 Balong 5000 5G
dual-mode SA/NSA 5G
Shannon Integrated 5G
(LTE Category 16/18)
DL = 1000 Mbps
5x20MHz CA, 256-QAM
UL = 200 Mbps
2x20MHz CA, 256-QAM

(5G NR Sub-6)
DL = 2550 Mbps
UL = 1280 Mbps

AI Integrated Hexagon
HVX + Tensor
NPU 1 big core Integrated Integrated

Phones with Mediatek Dimensity 720

At the moment we don’t know of any phones that will launch with the new chipset. Xiaomi has been reported as working with Mediatek directly to develop a chipset, and in recent months they have been one of the early adopters of new Mediatek chipset.


Nearly all of the above is pure speculation apart from that the Mediatek Dimensity 720 exists, and even that may not be 100%, the Dimensity 600 maybe the chipset that launches after all. As soon as I know more information, I will update the content with accurate information

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