Nano Influencers: Who Are They and How to Work With Them [Infographic]

When mapping out your influencer marketing strategy, the most common approach is to go for the biggest names, who’ll offer you the biggest audience reach, and thus, the best return on your ad spend. But don’t overlook the value of those with smaller, but more engaged, communities, who can also help connect you with the people who are increasingly more likely to buy from your brand.

These smaller-scale influencers are called ‘micro’ or ‘nano’ influencers, and they can be highly valuable to your businesses, despite their relative audience size. If a local nano-influencer, for example, only has 1,000 followers, but all of them are local business owners, that can have a significantly larger impact on your promotion than a broader reaching campaign.

There are many variations of this, and it’s worth taking a deeper look into your audience analytics to ensure that you’re utilizing the right approach to influencer marketing – which may not be driven by audience size.

To provide some more context on this, the team from Planoly recently put together this infographic on nano-influencers and the potential benefits of this form of outreach. 

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