Our Top: Gadget Gifts For Techie Mums

Who says tech is just for boys? Mums love tech, too. Whether
it’s for a birthday, a special occasion or just to say “thank you, I love you”,
gifts genuinely aren’t about the size or price, but the thought. So, take a
look at some of our favourite gadget
gifts for her

Personalised Mouse Mats

A personalised mouse mat is the perfect gift for a techy mum. Choose from cheesy photo print mats or sleek, personalised leather mats to add a bit of fun to even the most serious workstation. Make it really personal with a leather mat custom printed with an illustration of your choice; simple, elegant and oh-so-special.

Ear Excluding Headphones

Whether she listens to music
while she works, loves a bit of gaming, or enjoys indulging in her favourite
television programme or news updates from her phone or pc, sound excluding
headphones will ensure that she can escape from work, family, life, and kids
for a few moments with complete peace. What better gift is there for the
gadget-loving mum on the go?

Waterproof Phone Case

Want to know a secret? Mums don’t
have an escape. Most mums love their lives, families, kids, but there aren’t
many sacred elements to their life. In fact, for most mums, being followed to
the toilet is just a normal part of life. The bathroom is also, more often than
not, her sanctuary. A waterproof phone case will allow her to relax in the bath
while catching up: watching tv, playing Candy Crush, checking out social media,
reading a book, answering emails, or writing the shopping list. The activity
itself doesn’t really matter; the fact that she is doing it peace while having
a bath (multi-tasking at its finest) is what matters.

A Smart Watch

Whether she loves keeping fit or
just tries to be as active as she can, a smartwatch is a great gift idea for
the techie mum. If nothing else, she can realise just how many steps she does
in a normal day and try to get some extra time for herself. There are loads to
choose from, from big brands like Garmin, Fitbit and Apple, to budget fitness
trackers. Before you buy the watch, make sure that her phone is compatible for
optimum use.

E-reader for Bookworm Mums

There are definitely two camps on
e-readers, with a few undecided people hanging around the middle. Some love the
touch, feel and smell of books; and there is no doubt that bookcases evoke
memories that e-readers will never be able to. However, for read-once holiday
books, e-readers are light, convenient and waste-free. If your mum loves to
read, an e-reader or a subscription to an online book service is a great gift.

For mums on the go, nothing says “I love you” more than a thoughtful gift designed to brighten up her day or encourage her to take a little time out for herself.

Guest Author: Tim Costello

Tim Costello is a
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He is fixing the internet one page at a time, with better
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Tim has spent many years in I.T with a heavy technical
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Our Top: Gadget Gifts For Techie Mums

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