Petal Search helps you find your favourite Apps on Huawei phones without Google Play Store

The Huawei P40 Pro is the best piece of hardware I have used this year, but there is no getting away from the inconvenience of not having Google.

The Huawei App Gallery continues to grow, and one day it may compete like for like, but in the meantime you either have to fo through a convoluted process of installing Google Play Services and the Play Store or source your apps from third-party app stores.

The problem with third-party stores is they may not always have the app you want,  or if you become reliant on the likes of APKPure, you may miss out an official listing within the App Gallery.

Huawei is hoping to make this problem a little easier with their new Petal Search, it combines multiple search functions into one app, but its main aim is to help you find new apps.

When you search for an app it will search the official App Gallery but also pull in results from APKPure, APKCenter, Aptoide and other third party sources it will then also provide links to the mobile versions of websites if applicable. In some cases you can download the APK from the official websites this includes both WhatsApp and Facebook.

Funnily enough, this all seems to be powered by Microsoft Bing, so I am not sure Microsoft bypasses the current issues Huawei faces with using US technology.

I have used it for a few days now, while it does not offer anything particularily new, I still get most of my apps from APKPure, it does help fill out some missing gaps.

The one downside I found was that the APKPure links go to the mobile website rather than loading up the app if you have it installed.

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