Phones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 & 765G – Which phones are available in the UK and how much do they cost?

This year the cost of flagship phones has gone a little crazy thanks to the 5G equipped Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. Some people are blaming Qualcomm for price gouging, others state it is just the extra cost of the 5G modem required, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some manufacturers are just using 5G as a good excuse to increase prices. 

This, therefore, has led to increased interest for the new upper mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 chipset. We have seen a lot of companies announce or launch devices and it looks like it could be the most popular chipset of the year.

It is currently believed that Google will be using this new chipset for their up and coming Pixel 5, which will allow them to keep the prices a little lower than other flagships.

While it may be a popular chipset, we are a third of the way through the year, there have been at least a dozen phones launched with the chipset, but not a single one is currently available in the UK market. What is going on?

The following list is not exhaustive, but it covers all the main phones with the Snapdragon 765-series chipset, where there are available, approximate pricing, and if/or when they are available in the UK or EU.

Redmi K30 5G – £239.99 eBay – grey import

It was announced all the way back in December, with a release in January. No word on a UK or EU launch yet so you will have to rely on a Chinese grey import.

Realme X50 5G – £341 eBay – grey import

Announced and launched in January, again no word on an EU or UK launch. Realme launched the X50 Pro after this, and this will be available here shortly, so it is not clear if the cheaper X50 Pro will ever arrive in the UK. The Realme X50m has just been announced in China, its basically the same but with a faster refresh rate on the screen.

Nokia 8.3 5G – 599-Euros – Available from July

One of the first phones to be launched with a definite European availability, albeit not until July. The Nokia 8.3 is not particularly cheap, but it should make for a good flagship alternative with superb software and an excellent camera.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite – €350 – Available in EU from May (Probably Amazon Spain)

Xiaomi has ambiguously stated the Mi 10 Lite 5G will be available in the UK later in the year, but you should be able to pick it up from Amazon Spain in May making it the first (easily) available phone in the EU & UK.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth 5G – China – CNY 2,099 (£237)

Just announced, we probably won’t see this land on EU shores, at least with that name as no brand uses Youth editions over here. It is basically the same as the Lite but with the macro lens swapped out with a telephoto lens. This is also known as the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite Zoom Edition.

TCL 10 5G – €399/£399 later in the year

Announced in April, the TCL 10 series is the companies first official venture into mobiles. They own Alcatel and BlackBerry, so they know a thing or two about them.  The Pro model, which lacks 5G launches soon, but the TCL 10 5G is another ambiguous sometime in the future.

Oppo Reno3 Pro 5G China – £451 -eBay grey import

Announced and launched in December, this was one of the first phones with the SD765 however it was only launched to the Chinese market.

Oppo Find X2 Neo (Global version of Reno3 Pro 5G) – £650-ish sometime in the future

It appears the Reno range has been relegated to the mid/range affordable options in the UK with our Reno3 Pro using the 4G Helio P95.

So the Reno3 Pro 5G from China is being rebranded as the Oppo Find X2 Neo. No word on availability or official pricing but it is expected to be one of the more expensive SD765G options

Oppo Find X2 Lite (Portugal) – €499 – coming soon

It’s like the Oppo Reno3 but with a better chipset and a worse camera, and it has only been announced for Portugal so far.

Motorola Moto Edge – £549

A phone that has actual UK pricing. No word on UK availability though but it will be available via O2, John Lewis, Amazon and Argos. Not cheap but it has flagship-like specs all around with an impressive curved OLED display and decent camera specification.

ZTE Nubia Play 5G – China – CNY 2,400/£272

An affordable alternative to the Red Magic 5G, only just launched and in China only. I wouldn’t expect this to land in the UK at all.

ZTE Axon 11 5G – CNY 2,698/£305

Less gaming focussed than the Nubia Play, also China only.

LG Velvet

Not officially launched, but LG has officially revealed the entire specifications if that makes sense. This is the latest SD765 phone, and LG will officially launch it on the 7th of May where we should find out price and availability.

Google Pixel 5 (expected)

Nothing but leaks and rumours so far, but it is almost certain this will have the SD765 and be priced at the upper end of the other SD765 phones. The Pixel series doesn’t launch until later in the year, so you have a while to wait.

Realme X3 (expected)

Purely speculation at the moment, but it is expected that this will launch soon, and it could be that this is the model that will arrive in the EU/EU rather than the Realme X50

Final Thoughts

So yeah, a whole load of phones with the Snapdragon 765 and not a single one is officially available in the UK even though some phones have been out in China for five months.

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