Pinterest Expands Shopify Integration, Adds New Promotion Options for Shopify Merchants

As Pinterest continues to expand on its eCommerce potential, it’s continually looking for more ways to make it easier for businesses to upload their product catalogs to the platform, and create shoppable experiences via Pins.

Building on this, today, Pinterest has announced that it’s expanding its partnership with Shopify to 27 new countries, a significant update to the initial pool that it first launched in May last year.

As outlined by Pinterest:

The Shopify Pinterest channel is now live in a range of new countries including Australia, Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK. Now, more than 1.7 million Shopify merchants around the world have an easy way to bring their products to Pinterest and turn them into shoppable Product Pins that are discoverable across the platform.”

The Pinterest/Shopify integration makes it easy for Shopify merchants to connect their products to Pinterest, and reach the platform’s 459 million users.

As you can see in this video example, once you’ve connected your Shopify account, you’ll have a range of new Pin integration options immediately available, simplifying the creation and connection process – and more broadly, facilitating the linkage of millions more shoppable Pins.

As noted, that improved, streamlined connection is key. If Pinterest wants to ensure that more merchants can sell on its platform, it needs to remove technical barriers, and facilitate not only direct connection, but advertising and promotion within the app as well.

That’s why Pinterest continues to add a range of new shopping tools and display options on profiles, along with improved catalog ingestion, to make it as easy as possible for businesses to upload their product data and get promoting on the platform. 

Pinterest catalog ingestion

The expanded integration with Shopify is another way to build on this, again focused on making it as easy as possible for Shopify merchants to boost their exposure and promotion through the app.

Furthering this, Shopify merchants advertising on Pinterest through the Shopify platform will also now have access to Dynamic Retargeting, “which will enable them to re-engage with Pinners who have already expressed interest in their products on Pinterest”.

That could open up a range of new opportunities – as explained by Shopify

“Using the Pinterest channel, merchants can now develop and deploy marketing campaigns that target consumers in geographies outside of their own as demand for cross-border commerce grows, including the ability to create localized product feeds that target individual markets using Pinterest’s new multi-feed support for catalogs.”

Pinterest is also adding new multi-feed support for catalogs to further this capacity, which will enable businesses to upload their products in multiple product feeds within the same Pinterest Business account.

“Shopify merchants, as well as any retailer with a Pinterest business account, are now able to add up to 20 product feeds to their account, each indicating specific local data such as a currency, language or product availability.”

That will enable more specific targeting by region, with the capacity to focus your product listings on different markets.

These are some significant updates, which will continue to expand Pinterest’s shoppable offerings, and provide new opportunities for exposure to more sellers. And with the eCommerce shift now in full swing, after being given a bump by the pandemic mitigation efforts, Pinterest looks set to continue to see usage, and build on its audience of active buyers. 

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