Pinterest Expands Skin Tone Search Qualifiers to More Regions, Adds Skin Tone to AR ‘Try On’ Tools

After first launching its skin tone search qualifier to enable users to hone in on more personally relevant search results back in 2019, Pinterest has seen significant interest in, and usage of the tool.

Pinterest expanded its skin tone filters to more products last year, and now, the platform is making its skin tone search options available in more regions, catering to even more users.

As explained by Pinterest:

“Today, we’re announcing the expansion of our skin tone range feature to thirteen additional countries including France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. Skin tone ranges is a Pinterest-exclusive feature that allows Pinners to refine their beauty-related searches based on a set of skin tone ranges. Applying this filter updates your search results to show content that is similar to the skin tone range you’ve selected.”

As you can see in the image above, by selecting the skin tone relevant to you, that then enables Pinterest to highlight more specific search results, connecting people with increasingly helpful search recommendations. 

Pinterest says that this has provided significant benefit for users:

“Over the past year, we’ve seen a 5x increase in Pinners using the skin tone range feature to discover beauty ideas on Pinterest.” 

Indeed, Pinterest says that, once the skin tone qualifier is enabled, that’s lead to increased search activity in various categories, including “alternative makeup” (up 5x), “cool hair color ideas” (up 4x), “eyeliner styles” (up 3.5x) and “cool hair color ideas” (up 4x).

By narrowing down the search pool to content more related to your personal appearance, that helps a broader range of users find Pin matches more relevant to them, which is a big step in terms of inclusivity and personalization.

In addition to this, Pinterest is now also integrating its skin tone qualifiers with its new, AR ‘Try On’ tools.

That will further build on Pinterest’s capacity to highlight personally relevant search matches for each user, through specific product Pins related to your needs.

The new expansion is being rolled out in several regions from this week.

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