Pinterest Introduces Story Pins Follower Streams

Pinterest has been exploring and testing its own take on Stories for a while. As Pinterest continues to develop its content discovery offerings, the team has just announced their latest update: Story Pins following streams

When we hear “Stories” related to social networks, we associate that content with a 24-hour life span. On Pinterest, Stories mean something entirely different. Story Pins are saveable, actionable, and long-lasting, so content can be discovered and revisited over time. 

As the home of inspiration, Pinterest is a place to discover not only great ideas but also the people behind them.”

Available on iOS and Android, Story Pins following streams allow users to see more personalized content from the accounts they choose to follow. This is a new opportunity for marketers to push their content up to the top of the home feed, show their personality and build a deeper connection with their Pinterest following.

The format is unique given its extended life-span, but there’s more. When interacted with, stories appear the same as a pin. Creators can add plenty of context to their stories in the caption, as well as interact with their community in the comments section.

Check out how people are already using pins to share inspiring, informative, engaging content.

Here are a few creators that Pinterest has highlighted. Explore their story content for wonderful examples of how this new format can be used:

Caroline VazzanaFashion Editor, Stylist, Author & Founder of Making it in Manhattan

DixonFit fitness brand

AndersonFashion & Beauty Photographer, Producer and Educator

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