Pinterest Joins ‘Stand for Small’ Coalition to Assist SMBs, Provides New Resource Hub

With Pinterest searches for “support small business” increasing by over 350% during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and small businesses playing a key role in the broader Pinterest eco-sphere, the platform is looking to provide more assistance for SMBs impacted by the pandemic.

This week, Pinterest has announced that it’s joining the ‘Stand for Small’ collective, while it’s also put together a new collection of resources to help businesses optimize their Pin presence.

As explained by Pinterest:

“Small businesses today are among the hardest hit by the effects of COVID-19, as they have less of a cushion to withstand such a dramatic slowdown. That’s why we’re proud to join the #StandForSmall coalition along with American Express and more than 40 other major corporations.”

Stand for Small provides educational resources, network connections and mentorship opportunities to help small businesses establish themselves, and maximize their opportunities. That work is now more important than ever, and as Pinterest notes, it’s joining more than 40 other organizations within the assistance group. LinkedIn is also part of the Stand for Small coalition.

In addition to this, Pinterest has also shared a new listing of key resources for SMBs available on its platform.

Pinterest SMBs

There’s a range of resources and educational tools on offer here, which will help provide more perspective on the how and why of the platform. And it’s likely worth considering – Pinterest is seeing all-time highs in both saves and searches on the platform amid COVID-19, while the number of Pinners engaging with shopping Pins has increased some 44% year over year.

And worth noting too, Pinterest also recently updated its Pinterest Shop to better showcase more SMBs.

There are opportunities in Pins, but it does require a different approach, Pinterest doesn’t function the way that other social platforms do. As such, it’s worth taking note of these resources, which could help improve your Pin presentation and performance.

You can view the various ‘Stand for Small’ resources available here.

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