Pinterest Launches New iOS Widget to Highlight Key Pins of Interest

Are people still excited about iOS home screen widgets, after that initial flurry as a result of the iOS 14 update back in September?

Pinterest is tipping that they are, which is why it’s launching a new iOS widget called ‘Interests’, which will highlight new pins in a users’ chosen topic of focus, right on their device’s home screen.

As explained by Pinterest:

Today, we’re introducing our newest widget option for iOS, “Interests,” where Pinners can choose their top interests and have fresh content served to them daily, right on their home screen.”

As you can see in the image above, users can configure the Interests widget by choosing from the following topics:

  • Beauty
  • Home Decor
  • Food
  • Men’s & Women’s Fashion
  • Quotes

The widget will then highlight fresh Pin content in that category on their home screen – which could prompt more users to keep coming back to the app.

Pinterest launched its first widget back in October, which enables Pinners to feature a board of their own, or one they follow, within their home layout. 

Pinterest widget

Pinterest says that more than two million Pinners have added that widget to their home screen, which has helped to keep Pinterest top of mind, and increase return visits to the app.

As such, it makes sense for Pinterest to try the same again, and the new app puts more focus on broader discovery, which could help to increase shopping behaviors as a result.

And with 459 million users, and rising, Pinterest is clearly doing something right to maximize engagement. 

iOS users can add the new Interests widget from their home screen (more info here). 

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