Pinterest Outlines Rising Trends Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns

Amid rising usage during the COVID-19 lockdowns, Pinterest has seen the emergence of a range of new search trends, which could provide some valuable insight for brands looking to use the platform to connect with their audiences.

And brands should, indeed, be considering Pinterest. The platform has seen a 44% YoY increase in Pinners engaging with shopping Pins on the platform, with many replacing their regular mall browsing with looking through Pins instead. That could present significant opportunity – to give you a better idea of some of the key shifts, Pinterest has this week highlighted three key, emerging trend areas.

First off is food – Pinterest says that the lockdowns have inspired more people to explore new home cooking ideas:

“Around the globe, people are increasingly searching for creative flour-ful recipes like “salty croissants” (+1532% in Argentina), “damper bread” (+263% in Australia), “Japanese brioche” (+1081% in France), and perhaps most notably, “Navajo bread” in the US (emerging search 350X greater!!). Other significantly rising searches include “fried sweet fritters” (+2145% in Argentina), “mimosa (flower) cake” (+1408% in Italy), and “healthy gut recipes” (+3900% in Japan).”

(View the full size map image here)

Pinterest also notes that more people are looking for ways to keep the family entertained, and are turning to various classic family games as a result:

Searches for “family games” in Argentina have increased by nearly 5000%, with Spain (+2830%), the US (+1863%), and Mexico (+1291%) also seeing significant spikes. Top gaming trends include the fishbowl gamespoons and Ripple.”

Pinners are also looking for ways to share encouragement and support, with searches for relevant quotes seeing significant increases.

And lastly, Pinners are also looking to support SMBs, many of whom are struggling amid the pandemic.

Pinterest trends

Pinterest provides a platform for many small businesses to reach a larger shopping audience, and it’s good to see more users are looking to support those that are likely doing it tough without physical stores and markets to stabilize their cash flow.

As noted, Pinterest is well worth a look for those looking to maximize their eCommerce opportunities, and now is a great time, with more users engaging, and shopping in the app. The COVID-19 lockdowns have highlighted the need to utilize alternate sales platforms to support businesses, and with many exploring Pinterest for the first time, it could lead to a significant spike in interest, which could also last beyond the period of the pandemic. 

Worth considering in your approach.

You can check out Pinterest’s full trends list here.  ​

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